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Judith Martin

 About Judith Martin / Miss Manners

Born a perfect lady in an imperfect society, Miss Manners is the pioneer mother of today’s civility movement.  Now if she could only persuade people to practice civility as much as they talk about it…

 Her tireless efforts to expand the understanding and exercise of etiquette beyond the stereotypical terror of too many pieces of silverware on the dinner table have not, however, escaped official notice. During a White House ceremony In November, 2005, Judith Martin was awarded the nation’s highest honor in the humanities, the National Humanities Medal, in recognition of her contributions to society as America’s foremost etiquette columnist and author. Given by the President of the United States under the auspices of the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Medal honors individuals or groups whose work has deepened the nation's appreciation of the humanities, broadened our citizens' engagement with the humanities, or helped preserve and expand Americans' access to important resources in the humanities. 


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